Serpent Isle

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Ultima VII, part 2: Serpent Isle

Tomes from the part two of the seventh installment of the Ultima series.

A Short Treatise on Combat Tactics & Habiliments of War by

A Soldier's Notes by

A Treatise on the Construction of Living Gems by Ssyorsik

A Treatise on Torture by Evad

And Light There Will Be by Sasoshi

Angus' Note by Angus

Aram-Dol's Tests by Aram-Dol

Ardiniss' Note by Ardiniss

Artifacts of Communion by

At Ease: Handbook for the Commissioned Soldier by Sharzshov

Batlin's Contract by

Batlin's Note by Batlin

Beatrix's Diary by Beatrix

Beyond the Sealed Entrances by Vasculio

Body Transference the Ultimate Warrior by

Bren's Diary by Bren

Broken Oar Inn by

Captain Hawk's Treasure by

Civil War or The Evil Forces of Chaos by Lorick

Columna's Diary by Columna

Courageous Deeds by Andrew of Monitor

Curriculum by Vasculio

Dear Avatar by Lord British

Delphynia's Answer by Delphynia

Denizens of the Caves by Isstherios

Denyel's Note by Denyel

Devotion by Eshrashardt

Devra's Recipes by Devra

Diary of Diabolical Traps by Seliashor

Diary by Anonymous

Disciplining Soldiers by Sethmantih

Drinking Songs Dupre Taught Me, Volume One - Maids in Trades by

Drinking Songs Dupre Taught Me, Volume Two - Roll Thy Leg Over by

Dupre's Letter by Dupre

Erax's Journal by Erax

Erstam's Letter by Erstam

Ethicality by

Ethics by

Fighting is an Art by Johnson

Filbercio's Love Letters by Filbercio

Flindo's Letters by Flindo

Followers of Order by

Freli's Letter by Freli

Frigidazzi's Invitations by

Frigidazzi's Note by Frigidazzi

Funeral Ceremonies by Javallaja

Gannt's Vengeance by Gannt

Great Practical Jokes by

Guide To Knighthood by Graeme of Monitor

Guidelines of Life by Shaushauna

Gustacio's Call by Gustacio

Hazard's Ledger - Pelts by Hazard

Hazard's Note by Hazard

History Of Serpent Isle by Harashash

Holy Books of the Ophidians by

Horn Of The Gwani by Xenka

Horticultural Notes by Trexin the Gardener

Implements of Balance by

Iolo's Notes by Iolo

Is There Hope? by Shovaughana

Iskeriss's Journal by Iskeriss

Journal of the King of the White Dragon by King of the White Dragon

Journal by

Karnax's Diagnosis by Karnax

Knight's Test by Shmed

Leon's Note by Leon

Letter From Marsten by Marsten

Letter From Pomgirdun by Pomgirdun

Letter in Freedom by

Library of the Order Hierophant by

The List of Items by Shamino

Lord British's Tyrannical Adventure by Anonymous

Love Letter by

Love Sonnets by Beatrix

Magic Candles by

Magic Scrolls - A Primer by

Melino's Note by Melino

Memoirs by Brother Markus

Minax's Poem by Minax

Mine Experiments by Teldrono

Mine Experiments by Vasculio

Musings by Issik the Architect

My Diary by Pendar

My Journal by Dolfo

My Journal by Silverpate

My Journal by Maleccio

My Journey by Shartmannah

My Life and My Beliefs by Svenjaja

My Life by Yakka

My Notebook by Anonymous

My Records by Vasculio

No Such Thing as Fairies by Gannt

Note From Cantra by Cantra

Notes to Myself by Erstam

Notes by Erstam

Observations of Pain by MageLord Filbercio

On Accessing the Serpent Gate by Shalsaraiah

Our Blessed Serpent Isle by Shovaresh

Our Great Leaders by Shilonar

Outpost Note by

Parting Verses by Vasculio

Pendar's Treasure by Pendar

Penguins of the North by Ssashartha

Philiphus's Wisdom by Philiphus

Pikeman's Diary by Pikeman

Pirate Diary by

Poetry for the Romantic Lute by Sir D. Dey

Principles of Balance by Ssithnos

Principles of Economics by Hyle

Purlonio's Tale by Purlonio

Recipe Book by Petra

Report on the Cleansing of the Fiend's Domain by

Report on the Shasrajah by Jaljashram

Rest House by

Ritual of Reunification by

Ruggs' Love Letter by Ruggs

Serpent Armor by

Servants of Order by Isstherios

Ship's Logbook by

Silverpate's Treasure by Silverpate

Sleeping Bull by

Stefano's Note by Stefano

Strength Through Ethics by Sheshemenien

Symbols of the Serpent by

Temple of Balance by

Temples of Chaos by Miggim

Temples of Order by Shrithos

Tenets of Discipline by Shushuro

The Art of Winemaking by

The Book of Discipline by Shrosvitash

The Book of Prophecies by Xenka

The Chaos Gate by

The Crying Lute by Gannt

The Doctrine of Chaos by Vessuvius

The Dwellers of Serpent Isle by Byman

The Great Hierophants by Zavajorish

The House of the Unicorn by Gannt

The Importance of Meditation by Zazanush

The Lost Orbs by Isstherios

The Magic Compass by Filbercio

The Power of Magic by Rossinoss

The Rites of Cremation by Tolbert

The Serpent Lamp Posts by Sivashvos

The Shrine of Balance by

The Sleeping Bull by

The Sleeping Soldier by

The Structure of Order by Shaashaanna

The Symbol of Discipline by Sharless

The Test of Purity by Larushash

The True Believers by Sschadams

The Voice by Shavazoss

The War of Order and Chaos by Ssanettess

Treasure Map by

Trout Surprise by Jendon

Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour Their Effectiveness and Value by Vetron

War of Imbalance by Suranniss

Warriors of Fortune Quarterly by

What Is Order? by Sschittek the Wise

Xenka's Prophecies Scattered Verses, Part I by Xenka

Xenka's Prophecies Scattered Verses, Part II by Xenka

Xenka's Prophecies Scattered Verses, Part III by Xenka

Xenka's Prophecies Scattered Verses, Part IV by Xenka

Xenka's Prophecies Scattered Verses, Part V by Xenka