The Black Gate

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Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Tomes from the seventh installment of the Ultima series.

A Baker's Handbook by Settlar

A Complete Guide to Britannian Minerals, Precious, and Semi-Precious Stones by B. Ledbetter

A Guide to Child Care for the Rich and Famous by Lady M

A Short Treatise on Britannian Society by Clayton

Alagner's Book of Marvelous and Astonishing Things by Alagner

And Thern There Was Karen... by B. MacDae

Artifacts of Darkness by Mordra Morgaelin

Birds of Britannia by Brother Wayne

Black Moon, Red Day by Euralyn

Blade of the Gryphon Barony by Pebrogdy

Bloodied Bladed and Buxom Beauties by A.G. Fishmor

Book of Prophecy by Naxatilor the Seer

Brommer's Britannia by Brommer

Brommer's Fauna by Brommer

Brommer's Flora by Brommer

Chicken Raising by Daheness Gon

Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang by Ian Fleming

Codavar by Nexa

Collected Plays by Raymundo

Converting Moongates to Thine Own Use by Erethian

Dolphin in the Dunes by Pietre Hueman

Enchanting Items for Household Use by Nicodemus

Encyclopedia Britannia Volume I. A - E. by

Encyclopedia Britannia Volume II. F - L. by

Encyclopedia Britannia Volume III. M - P. by

Encyclopedia Britannia Volume IV. Q - U. by

Encyclopedia Britannia Volume V. V - Z. by

Ethical Hedonism by R. Allen G.

Everything an Avatar Should Know About Sex: by

Follow the Stars by Laurnen

Gargoyle Like Me by Darok

Golems: From Clay to Stone by Castadon

Gone with the Wisp by Margareta Mitchellino

Hero Fertilizer by Werdron

Hither Comes the Rain by Perrin

How Death Affects Those Who Work Around it with Regularity by

How the West Was by Yuclydia

How to Conquer the World in Three Easy Steps by Maximillian the Amazingly Mean

Hubert's Hair-Raising Adventure by Bill Peet

I Am Not a Dragon by Thomson

Jesse's Book of Performance Art by Jesse

Karenna's Pregnancy Workout by Karenna

Karenna's Total Body Workout by Karenna

Karenna's Workout by Karenna

Key to the Black Gate by

Knight's Bridge in a Nutshell by Nicodemus

Landships by Equinestra

Landships of War by Equinestra

Logbook of Astelleron by

Lord British: The Biography of Britannia's Longtime Ruler by K.Bennos

Magic and the Art of Horse-and-Wagon Maintenance by

Man Versus Fish: The Ultimate Conflict by Aquastyr

Mandibles by Peter Munchley

Mempto Rays: A Qualative Study in Metaparaparaphilophical Radiation by Mempto

Milord Conduct by Aleina

Miscellaneous Cantrips by Anonymous

Modern Necromancy by

Morgan's Guide to Unfinished Novels by Morgan

Murder by Mongbat by J. Dial

My Cup Runneth Over by Marseine

My Notebook by Alagner

No One Leaves by R. Allen G

No Time to Dance by B.A. Morler

No Way to Jump by Desmonth

Observations of Blackrock by Rudyom The Mage

On Acting by Laurence Olivier

One Hundred and One Ways to Cheat at Nim by Dr. Cat

Outpost by Gasreth

Pathways of Planar Travel by Nicodemus

Play Directing: Analysis, Communication, and Style by Francis Hodge

Records of the High Court of Yew by

Ribald Encounters by Madden

Ringworld by Larry Niven

Ritual Magic by Nicodemus

Shoot the Moon by Oswauld

Sir Killroy by Anonymous

Spring Planting, Autumn Harvest by

Stealing the Wind by Brianna

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

Struck Commander by Gilberto

That Beer Needs a Head on it! by Yongi

The Accedens of Armoury by Legh

The Apothecary's Desk Reference by Fetoau

The Art of Field Dressing by Creston

The Bioparaphysics of the Healing Arts by Lady Leigh

The Black Compendium by Mondain

The Blacksmith's Handbook by Christopher

The Book of Circles by Jillian

The Book of Forgotten Mantras by

The Book of the Fellowship by Batlin of Britain

The Carver Chronicles by Morfin

The Compleate History of the Lute by Devonaillion

The Dark Core of Exodus by Erethian

The Day it Didn't Work by R. Allen G.

The Dragon Compendium by Perrin

The Five Stages of Lawn Care by A.P. Berk

The Forest of Yew by Taylor

The History of Stonegate by Shazle

The Hundred and Eleven Year, Three-Month, Seven-Day War by Perrin

The Intrinsic Complexities of Investigating a New Species of Flora in the Land of Britannia by Perrin

The Journal of Garret Moore by GARRET MOORE

The Knight and the Theif by Hobbs

The Light Until Dawn by Drennal

The Provisioner's Guide to Useful Equipment by Dell

The Scent of Valor by Wetterson

The Silence of Chastity by I.M. Munk

The Stone of Castambre by MacCuth

The Summer of My Satisfaction by Plexes

The Symbology of Runes by Smidgeon the Green

The Tome of the Dead by Suvol Shadowface

The Transitive Vampire by Karen Elizabeth Gordon

The Trio by Leepeartson

The Way of the Swallow by Foiles

The Winning Number by A.P. Berk

The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum

The Write Stuff by Perrin

Thirteen Months in a Year by Euralyn

This Olde Ship by Owen of Minoc

Thou Art What Thee Eats by Fordras

Thy Message Received! by For-Lem

To Be Or Not To Be by Wislem

To the Death! by Zaksam

Trees, and Then Some! by Ben

Tren I, II, III, IV . . . XVII by Tren

Two in the Fold by Morian

Ultima: The Avatar Adventures by Rusel DeMaria and Caroline Spector

Up is Out by Goodefellow

Vargaz's Stories of Legend by Vargaz

Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour: Their Effectiveness and Value by Vetron

Water on the Cat by Mowze

Weaving by Carlyn

What a Fool Believes by P. Nolan

What Color is Thy Blade? by Menion

What Could Be Left but the Ashes by N. Flaims

When Starts the Adventure by Sabra

White Rain by Perrin

Why Good Mages Like Black Magic by Magus