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Ultima VIII: Pagan

Tomes from the eighth installment of the Ultima series.

Adventure Quarterly Vol. IX by

Adventure Quarterly Vol. XII by

A Letter to New Acolytes by Stellos

Bentic's Journal by Bentic

Brogdan's Helpful Guide to Mushrooms by Brogdan

Captain's Report by Captain Stovan

Catacomb Scroll by Sysaphus

Catacomb Scroll by

De-Venoming the Kith by Ioria

Dispelling Myths: The Truth About Magic by

Ear of Arricorn: Vol. III by Kram

Ear of Arricorn: Vol. IV by Kram

Ear of Arricorn: Vol. VI by Kram

Earthen Magic by

Enemies of Tenebrae by Salkind

Expedition Journal, Book II by

Eye of the Boulder, The Runes of the Myth Drainer by

Finding the Wisdom of Stratos by

Gold: Valuable Commodity or Worthless Trash? by Okapi the Elder

Guard Logs by

History of Pagan (False History) by

Honor Lost by Meltzars the Troll

Journal of Veras the Healer by Veras

Journeys Through Hell by Robin Dudley

Killer Jokes by Trixter

Letter from Mordea by Mordea

Letter to Mordea by Lieutenant Vittek

Logbooks in the Pit of Earth by Bruce

Magic Armour by Graner the Warrior

Moriens: Necromancer, Prophet, Hero by Moriens

My Rival, My Love - Part I A Shadowy Jester Book by Elise

On Sorcerous Ways... by Corodin of Argentrock

Parables from the Teachings of Stratos, Vol. I by

Parables from the Teachings of Stratos, Vol. II by

Potions by

Raising Your Children Correctly by

Scroll by

Scrolls Found on the Quest for Slayer by

Song of Fred by

Spellbooks of Sorcery by

Spellbooks of Thaumaturgy by Mythran

Spellbooks of Theurgy by

Stories to Make Children Sleep by Brother Grim

The Art of Flame by Maedron

The Beauty of Rhian by Toran

The Big Book of Adventure by Sladek

The Cheesy Book by

The Chronicle of Pagan by

The Destruction of the Temple by Nadayr of Tenebrae

The Final Sunlight by Nolandru the blind idiot of Tenebrae

The History of Necromancy by Galious

The Magic of Lothian by Lothian, Necromancer

The Mysteries of Lithos by Vintros

The Mythology of the Zealan Deities by Yradan the Scholar

The Objective History of Pagan by Mythran

The Official Logbook of Crimes and Punishments by Salkind

The Reagents of Thaumaturgy by Mythran

The Saga of Bone Crusher by

The Tongue of Flame by Tordaem

The Voices of Mary by Salem

The Warrior and the Acolyte by

Torax Scroll by