GLRP War of the Servants of Shadow

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War of the Servants of Shadow

Ancient is the battle between the forces of Good and Evil... Here, we see the forced of Light battle the forces of the Shadowlords. Long has Britannia endured the attacks of the various amalgamations of evil subtly controlled by the Shadowlord Nosfentor.

Evil alliances have risen and fell: The Viaxus disappeared, the Atalan went back to sleep, and Tokuno fights for whichever side benefits them.

Now, only the Shadowlords remain – even their disciples in the Triad of Evil have disappeared. The FoA and the Strangers appear to be their allies, but only time will tell.

These books remain to chronicle what has past; they are displayed here in chronological order:

Greetings by Nosfentor

a book by Woodrow Call

Plea for Help by Alec DeLeon

High Council by Nosfentor

Imperial Decree by Empress Miko Nakamura

Warning by Nosfentor

Oona, NCT by Unknown

Martyna, BRT by Unknown

Inventory Manifest by Brit Transport Ministry

To Whom It Concern by Abbot Lucas

Instructions by Nosfentor

Architectural Plans for the Repair of the Library of Sosaria by SW&B Architecture

M.S.G. Marble Waybill #3456-MZ-Yew by Ezekeal Markson, M.S.G.

Martyna's Journal by Lady Martyna Z'muir

Orders by Soke Bishimi

To: Dot Warner, BRT by Killian, LofS

M.S.G. Delivery Notice by Gerold Corsair, M.S.G.

A Trade by Harry Plotter

Punishment by Unknown

Journal by Bishimi

To Oona Abhail by Unknown

Order of Contract by High Court of Britannia

To Her Highness, Empress Miko Nakamura of the Empire of Tokuno by High Chancellor DaKaren

a glowing red tome by Erik Kxriss

a scribbled note by Erik Kxriss

Mistress Nosfentor by Absu Maal

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