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Abbot Lucas Rei Eventide

Former librarian for The Library of the Phoenix

Abbot Lucas Eventide's collection began as a passion for parchment while the young man studied in Yew around the year 333. After gathering the classic tales of our age, he set his sights on modern literature and the authors of our great land. During the Renaissance, his collaboration and collection efforts created a personal library that overwhelmed his bank box. As if by fate, it was at this time that he stumbled across a group of adventurous individuals who were interested in a library for their new town. This was the first time the collection was to be made public. It was displayed in a small, cramped tower and called the Sanctuarian Library. In the following decades, the collection would also find home in Northern Lands where it was visited by Lilibet in her search for an arcane tome and finally set to rest in Phoenix Rising. The Library of the Phoenix served the people of Sosaria for many years until the Abbot's self-imposed exile.

The collection has seen the works of Phoenix, Red William, Sandlewood Box Poets, Silence the Poet, Basil Stag Hare, Desdemona, Ku Kullin, Edguardo, Teleburiel, Dr. Jill Ashcroft, and India West. It has survived the Renaissance, Third Dawn, Kingom Reborn, and remains a definitive look at history and culture for the Sosarian people.

Today this collection continues as part of the greater Library of Sosaria under the watchful eye of the Martyna Z'muir.

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