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Martyna is a spry elven lass with a quick wit, and an even quicker smile. Trained from an early age to seek the Truth behind the world around her, she left her home in Heartwood to study at the Lycaeum.

While there, she combined her inquisitive nature with the writings taught to her by the scholars. This newfound passion landed her a coveted position with the Britannia News Network. She worked as a lead investigative reporter in the Public Affairs Department of the Daily Herald, covering special events and criminal intrigue. Sadly, the Daily Herald went out of circulation with the disappearance of its editor, Nick Seafort.

Martyna continued to write for the Tomes of Sosaria, an official site for the High Council of Britannia, and for the ethereal news source, Stratics. She also started the Library of Sosaria in Yew as a way to give back to the people for their support over the years. The library may be found directly south of the Yew moongate in Trammel at coordinates: 72* 26'N 39* 18'W

The Library of Sosaria has the foremost collection of ancient manuscripts, puzzling tomes, and modern works of literature on Great Lakes. This distinction, unfortunately, led to the Library’s near destruction at the hands of the Triad of Evil - the henchmen for the Shadowlord of Cowardice, Nosfentor. The Triad only managed to destroy the northwestern corner of the building, obliterating the restricted 'Tomes of Darkness' section and rendering Martyna's living space unusable.

During the remodeling efforts carried out by Dot Warner, Martyna was once again confronted by the Triad...and abducted. The Triad has kept her hostage in a secret local for many months, with scant clues for the Britannian Armed Forces to go on. Only a young rat seems to know where she was taken...

The Martyna Z'muir Arcives hold copies of all her articles.