U:VI Warriors of Destiny

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Title: Warriors of Destiny


After the shining example set by the Avatar, Britannia seemed all set to enter a golden age of peace and plenty. And then a great tragedy took place. Lord British, the beloved ruler who united the land of Britannia, and saw it through some of the hardest times in its history, was lost. He had gone on an expedition to explore the newly discovered underworld, and never returned. Many thought him dead. Lord Blackthorn took control in his absence, declaring martial law to maintain order. It was also around this time that the three shadowlords appeared at Stonegate. They were powerful, evil creatures, who could warp the minds of men and turn them away from the three principles. 'Tis said they could draw on "the power of the vortex" to transport themselves instantly anywhere in the realm. It was a dark time. The Avatar was summoned back to Britannia, and ultimately managed to rescue Lord British before the collapse of the Underworld, restoring him to his rightful place on the throne.

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