U:VI Kodeks Xen

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Title: Kodeks Xen


kuatim betlem grespor de ov, lem inzenle anku vol. a vel de inzen lem sa ski si betlem re invas est volde au anvolde lem. anvolde lem ansa lok, ew anten skitas de volde lem. lem nes dukle. volde lem anmur, a lem kredonle ku skitas ew uis de zenmur. lem nes dukte. sek volde ew anvolde lem sal de mis ov, ew sek dete de mis xen. tu per ve pride tutas, re plu ben inten agratas trak temanitas ante uide termur.

The Book of Family

When a child hatches from his egg, he is born without wings. But even from birth one can tell whether a child will grow up to be a winged or a wingless one. The wingless ones cannot speak, and lack the intelligence of the winged ones. They must be guided. The winged ones are few, but they are entrusted with the intelligence and wisdom of the race. They must guide. Both winged and wingless ones spring from the same eggs, and both belong to the same family. All function as a single whole, to better maintain the struggle for survival in our world.

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