U:VI Kodeks Destermur

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Title: Kodeks Destermur


alt desde terreg ai ali terreg. ante esta terreg manite mur aniw zen. plu tri de ista zen vid zaw ve uide anvolde lem. ista daemon ade pal ew delsa. kualem lokte ista daemon de destermur sa lok. ew kerde, lem inte son esta misve uide liy. a kua lemmur uiste, an zen anku vol verde uis. feluis de lokde daemon nes ankredle.

The Book of The Underworld

Deep below the land there is another land. In that land live many strange creatures. The most interesting of these creatures look something like our wingless ones. These daemons, however, are pale and soft. Some say that these daemons from the underworld can speak. And, to be sure, they make sounds that are similar to our language. But as everyone knows, no creature without wings is truly intelligent. Fables of talking daemons must be discredited.

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