U:VI Kodeks Benommani

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Title: Kodeks Benommani


vas praetim, vas vidlem naksatilor kalle kodeks ante termur. ita rele vastim benommani. kodeks terle ante terort pritas, teresta re vidle pa lem nesde vasuis. vidlem terreg, monle pa naksatilor, juksarkle kodeks ku saeykt grav. sol lem ad omde vestas trak uis canle terpor ew leg kodeks. ante kodeks skrile pri ben ew ver res kui kuae. lem nes sol terpor kodeks, leg lem, ew inuislok lemde monuis aptade. ku verinde uis ew ankadsa ski, tu mante est ten un, or, ew us nesle re pos apta via. ista est desintas uide murom, ew ita uide zenmur sa per kodeks uisde ew bende. ista est kuauis kodeks est: re mon gargh zenmur trak ultim benommani.

The Book of Prosperity

Long ago, the great seer Naxatilor summoned the Codex into the world. Thus began the great time of prosperity. The Codex was placed within the Temple of Singularity, there to be viewed by those requiring its knowledge. The seers of the land, led by Naxatilor, protected the Codex with a forcefield. Only those upon sacred quests for wisdom are allowed to reach and read the Codex. Within the Codex is written the one right and true answer to any problem. One has but to reach the Codex, read it, and interpret its advice properly. With perfect wisdom and infallible knowledge, all that remains is to have the control, passion and diligence required to follow the proper course. These are the underpinnings of our society, and so our race is able to use the Codex wisely and well. This is the reason why the Codex exists: to lead the gargoyle race to ultimate prosperity.

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