U:VI Kodeks Benmontas

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Title: Kodeks Benmontas


dur anmurde vastim ui volde lem monte anvolde lem. ista ver ew behde. a ui nes tutim reski lem an min persa de ui. zentu ku an uiscar ansa por. a ni sa zentu ku an porcar. tu nes per te pri si kui re leinle. er duk anvolde lem, ew ark lem de via feltas. a duk lem ku lentas ew vervid.

The Book of Administration

For countless ages, we winged ones have led the wingless ones. This is right and proper. But we must always remember that they are no less valuable than we. A body with no head cannot move. But neither can a body with no legs. All must function in unity if anything is to be achieved. So guide the wingless ones, and keep them from paths of error. But guide them with respect.

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