The Awakening, Act II: Path of the Way II

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Title: Path of the Way II

Author: Waymaster Tekmha

The Novice of the Way

The Novice of the Way has proven that they are dedicated and truly intend to follow the Path of the Way, but it is this point at which their own innate talents, skills, and abilities are to be put to the test. Novices are tested by a battery of trials and self examinations in which they must confront their own weaknesses as well as push their strengths as far as is possible. Adepts and Waymasters both assist in the assessment and assignment of appropriate trials to see if the Novice has what it takes to utilize their strengths and lessen the detrimental nature of their weaknesses, and also to better themselves in all areas. The Novice of the Way will spend at least four years being tested and assessed for their ability to thrive in these difficult trials, and must be approved and sponsored by an Adept of the Way to the Waymaster, or by the Waymaster themself.

The Journeyman of the Way

At the rank of Journeyman a follower of the Way will be pressured as never before, as combat and educational training are focused on heavily. As potential candidates for becoming an Adept and apprenticing directly under a Waymaster, the Journeyman is monitored and observed closely by their peers and superiors for any signs of a loss of dedication or determination. Over the course of eight years a Journeyman will be tested on true missions and trials that often take them into dangerous and life threatening situations, where they must use their strength, wisdom, cunning, and ability to survive. A Journeyman of the way must also win at least three White Duels against other Journeymen or Adepts. Although it is also acceptable to challenge Waymasters for these White Duels, it's practically unheard of. Even with these requirements met, a Waymaster will perform a supervised test of the Waymaster's choosing to determine readiness for advancement.

The Adept of the Way

An Adept of the way has advanced through many trials and torments to achieve their status, and as such they are apprenticed directly under an active Waymaster. Adepts often serve as messengers, aides, assistants, and sparring partners for Waymasters, and as they learn from the Waymaster they serve under they do their best to help push the Waymaster as well.

Adepts remain as such until their Waymaster believes them to be ready, and the Adept must then undergo a specific set of Trials of the Way assigned by their Waymaster. These tasks are often extremely difficult and many Adepts have died in attempting to fulfill them. Adepts must also win at least five White Duels and two Black Duels against other Adepts or Waymasters.

The Adept must also demonstrate proper understanding of the Duel of the Way to the Waymasters' approval.The Adept of the Way is the most dangerous part of the Path leading up to being a Waymaster, and many fail to ever advance further or die during their Trials or Duels.

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