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Help With Images

Image Types

.jpg, .gif and .png are all allowed on this wiki. Please choose the appropriate file type based on the size of the image. .gif and .jpg are both compressed file types, so some image distortion may occur if the compression ratio is set to high. .png is lossless, but file sizes may be large.

Your image(s) may be altered by a sysop if they are deemed too large.

Uploading Images

Images must be uploaded to the wiki to be seen, external image links do not work correctly. Use the Upload file link from the lower box on the left side of the screen.

Formatting Images

Description You Type Result
Image [[Image:LoStitle.png]]
Uncaptioned images can
also be justified using
|left |right or |center
after the image name
Thumbnail image [[Image:LoStitle.png|thumb|Caption text]]
Caption text