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Great Lakes EM Events


In late 2008 it was announced by EA Mythic that the Event Moderator (EM) Program would be restarted. After six years of only meta-fiction events, the shards would once again enjoy handcrafted fiction unique to each. The EMs on Great Lakes at the start of 2009 were Malachi and Iatu, each creating their own RPC to drive their storylines. Events generally start at the northrn West Britain Counselor's Hall (8o 21'N 12o 43'E), pictured to the right.

EM Malachi brings us Magnus Grey the Minister of Agriculture, who in actuality is the Royal Spymaster. EM Iatu brought us Tomas Savos, the unlikely candidate for Captain of the Royal Guard. EM Elizabella brings us Cristine Keel, and Gwendolyn Kincade as the newest Captain of the Royal Britannian Guard.

Tips from the EMs:

Speaking to NPCs (Oracles)

Town Recognition and Banners

Event RPC & NPC Bios

Here are synopses of events, including the collected books from each, sorted by in-game organization.

Multi-shard Shared Metafiction Events

Exploits of The Royal Spies

Maneuvers of The Royal Britannian Guard

Miscellaneous Events Archives