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Title: ???


Gilbert has recieved the job we've arranged for him and has taken residence up in the castle. As hoped, he has invited us to stay in this quaint little house on the edge of town on the belief that we are here to have fun on the weekends as 'friends'. He doesn't suspect we stay here during the week, so we must keep watch for him at all times.

We almost had a close cann the other day, when guards were walking in from the city after dealing with some trolls in the woods. We know that the chances are slim that our faces are easily recognizes, but we take none. Not only that, they would probably assume this house is to be empty during the week, and we rather nor raise any suspicions.

We were able to relax today, as Gilbert expected us to be here. he came by with a few bags full of cold ale, and enough food for us all. As usual, we gave him a few of our own ale, and then were able to get all the information we needed from him about the activities at the castle. As suspected, nobody is wise to us yet, and all is ready for this week. I sent one of my best men to Baz Yullian to inform him of our success.

The attacks have begun! Gilbert has alerted us that he may not be able to come by the house this weekend as his duties demanded more of him lately, but we have pleaded with him to stop by if only for a minute, and have even told him his old girlfriend will be with us.

We are very pleased with Gilbert, he has confirmed all that we have assumed, and are satisfied with the rumors that the last few supporters of chaos are taking charge of things, and others coming out of the shadows. Baz Yullian has informed us that Gilbert is to remain in the castle, but we no longer need to keep any contact with him. We will be packing up this week, and negotiating some assistance with the gold raised by the anonymous supporters of Chaos.

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