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The Royal Spies

Once believed to be the Minister of Agriculture at the beginning of Casca's reign, Magnus Grey quickly revealed himself to be the Royal Spymaster. Together, he and his Spies work tirelessly to keep every realm save from evil.

"We work in shadows and darkness. Our tools are intrigue and information. Our greatest enemies are lies, yet we often keep the truth secret. Every mistake we make means more than every ten victories, so we remain ever vigilant. United our knowledge is a sharp kryss. Divided we die forgotten." -Code, by Magnus Grey

Spy Training (2009, 2010) (Ongoing)

Pauper's Plan (2009) (Arc Completed)

The Brothers of Valor (2009) (Arc Completed)

The Cult of Styx (2009, 2010) (Arc Completed)

Blood Feud: Of Earth and Air (2010) (Arc Completed)

Blood Feud: Daemon Pyre (2010) (Arc Completed)

The Blood Coast (2010) (Arc Completed)

Blood Feud: The Shadow Crusade (2010-2011) (Arc Completed)

Ordinary Times, Interesting Times (2011) (Arc Completed)

The Void Queen (2011) (Arc Completed)

The Fall of the House of Mirza (2011) (Arc Completed)

Ouroboros: Secrets of the Zealan Pyramid (2011) (Arc Completed)

Apex Ascendant (2011-2012) (Arc Completed)

Voices of Opposition (2012) (Arc Completed)

Labyrinth of Worlds (2013) (Arc Completed)

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