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Speaking to NPCs


Below are a few tips for getting information out of NPCs that talk (aka ‘Oracles’). These tips might not help for all oracles, but should be a little helpful for most.

1) Greet them – people tend to like being addressed before bombarded with questions (saying ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, or ‘Greetings’ works for most, but some might favor other greetings).

2) Ask them their name, or their job – showing interest might get you some more details (say ‘name’ or ‘job’, and they’ll usually respond).

3) Show interest in what they’re saying – respond to what they say by encouraging them to continue a thought (If they say ‘that was some delicious food’, responding with ‘delicious’, ‘food’, ‘delicious food’, or even ‘How delicious?’ might get them to expand)

4) Don’t just spit out single words – sometimes you need to be more specific (’delicious’ might get you a ‘Yes, very delicious. Reminds me of a meal I had when I was seven’, whereas ‘delicious food’ might get you ‘Oh boy was it. There was ham, and corn, and pineapple… the best meal of my life’).

5) Don’t just spit out combinations of words – sometimes being a bit more vague can get you different details (who knows, you might learn about ham, corn, and pineapple from ‘delicious food’, and then never try ‘delicious’ to learn about the NPCs childhood)

6) Listen closely to other oracles – you might learn something from one, that another oracle might know more about.

7) If they say they don’t want to talk when you say hello… they probably won’t give you anything useful unless you know something very specific about them (and even then, they might not give you anything). Don’t spend too much time questioning them unless you have something specific.

8) If somebody sent you, let them know – that might give you some leverage, or make you seem more trustworthy.

9) Talk with other players – they might have learned something you didn’t.

10) Don’t forget to incorporate clues from books, or other items found that relate to the person your talking to.

11) If they talk Orcish, they might want you to talk Orcish.

12) If they talk Orcish, they might be offended if you fail miserably when trying to speak Orcish and only respond if you just talk in English.

13) Sometimes, oracles might want you to give them something.

14) If they don’t respond to something in plural form then try the singular form, and vice-versa (they might be silent to ‘dog’, but have tons of things to say if you ask about ‘dogs’ in general)

If you find yourself having a hard time getting an oracle to talk that you think should be talking more, send an e-mail to us with what keywords you have tried, and a quick summary of your thought process… you might be trying things that we should have been including as keywords (in which case, we’ll probably add to the oracle and thank you), or you might be looking way in the wrong direction (in which case we’ll let you know and try to make it a little more obvious)

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