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Spy Training

Since a spy isn't born knowing how to skulk in the shadows, or obtain sensitive information from important individuals, one must be trained. Before the Royal Spies embarked on their missions, eight training sessions were held. Here you may find the materials relating to each training (sans the answers).

Training #1 - Creative Thinking: A crime has been committed and you need to piece together the evidence to figure out how and why the criminal did it, and then how and where he escaped to.

Training #1, by Magnus Grey

Training #2 - Sextants: Learning to travel about the facets with only a map and a sextant...Orienteering.

Training #2 - Sextants, by Magnus Grey

Using a Sextant, by Magnus Grey

Training #3 - Combat: This training involved a trip to Hythloth and overwhelming odds in a tiny room.

Training #4 - Cryptology: Here the trainee learned about encoding information, and how to decipher codes.

Training 4 - Ciphers, by Magnus Grey

Cryptography and You!, by James

Training #5 - Investigator: A thief has made off with a necklace belonging to a palace noble. Figure out who, how, and why...

(this training has its own page due to the overwhelming number of books)

Training #5

Training #6 - The Scout: This training sent you on a mission into a dangerous locales to gather intelligence.

Training 6: The Scout, by Magnus Grey

Training #7 - Military Spy: The brigand fort west of Britain has been scouted, and you are the strike team sent in to retrieve several items...

Training 7: Military Spy, by Magnus Grey

Treaty with the Solen, by Archibald

Training #8 - Diplomacy: This training involved gleaning information based on passphrases spoken causally in conversation. As certain elements did not appear to work well, it was abandoned partway through.

Engraved Invitation, by Magnus Grey

Training 8: Diplomacy, by Magnus Grey

Training 8: Notebook, by Magnus Grey

Training #9 - Geography: (Dec. 29, 2009) This training involved following clues to find various locations around Sosaria.

Geography Training, by Magnus Grey

Training #10 - Ciphers: (Apr. 6, 2010) This training involved deciphering many coded phrases to find scavenger hunt items, then using the first letter of their name to discover a location.

Royal Spy Codebook, by James

Training #10, by Magnus Grey

Training #11 - Investigation: (Apr. 20, 2010) This training consisted of the spies listening to several stories of crime and figuring out the culprit.

Training: The Story, by Magnus Grey

James' Story

Sam Oxley's Story

Bank Records, by Sam Oxley

Elite Royal Guard's Story

Notes, by ...

Training #12 - Exploration: (June 8, 2010) For this training, Lord Grey had the spies follow clues to locations in Ilshenar.

Training #12 - Ilshenar, by Magnus Grey

Training #13 - Teamwork: (Oct. 26, 2010) This training had the Spies break up into teams of four and race to complete the mission.

Training #13

Training #14 - Observation: (Dec. 28, 2010)  Phillip Stafford, the Acting Minister of Security, sent the Spies on a training to see how well they observed their surroundings.

Training #14, by Philip Stafford

Training #15 - Town Training: (Dec. 6, 2011)  Minister Grey sent the Spies on a training mission devised to refresh their map sextant reading skillsto see how well they observed their surroundings.

Town Training, by Magnus Grey

Training #16 - Barter in secrets: (Jun. 5, 2012) 

Training #16 - Intel, by Magnus Grey

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