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Pauper's Plan

Pauper was the first villain faced by the Royal Spies. This man lurked in the shadows enacting Machiavellian schemes to gain greater power for himself. Seen only twice for mere seconds, it is nonetheless believed that Pauper is actually Lord Casca...

Mission 1, April 14, 2009 - The Traitor
Magnus believes that an operative in Felucca may have been turned shortly before Clainin's murder...

Torn Letter, by Pauper

Slip of paper..., by ----

Note, by Joe

File: Joseph Wainwright, by James

File: Pauper, by James

Out on errands., by Winifred Wainwright

Mission 2, April 21, 2009 - Betrayal
After being tracked to Wind by the spies, Joseph is betrayed by his master and pays the price for his allegiance in a dank tunnel leading to the Lost Lands.

Joe., by Pauper

To Joseph..., by Pauper

To Joseph..., by Pauper

Joseph, by Pauper

Joseph, by Pauper

Mission 3, April 28, 2009 - Death of a Meer
Murder in Castle British! A Meer dignitary named Danth is poisoned during a state dinner by a very unusual poison.

Guest List, by Humphrey

People, by Royal Investigator

Addresses, by Royal Guard

Schedule, by Danth

Outpost Log, by Richard Kennard

Journal, by George Dara

Diary, by Lord Downey

Personal Journal, by E. Prospero

Gibberish, by ...

Prince and the Pauper, by Cinna the Poet

Research Notes, by E. Prospero

Good Luck!, by Pauper

My Work, by Elizabella Prospero

Notes, by Malag-aste Hla-ate

Mission 4, May 5, 2009 - Blackrock Golem
Deep in the orc mines, a blackrock enhanced machine takes shape...

Shipping Info, by P.

Letter, by ...

Design Document, by...

Mission 5, May 12, 2009 - Strange Alloy
Seeking the source of the orc's blackrock alloy, the spies are led to cave southwest of Trinsic.

Journal, by Robert McFarland

Bar Tab, by Jonah

Orders, by Pauper

Orders, by Pauper

Mission 6, May 16, 2009 - Smuggling
A tip leads the spies to Buccaneer's Den on the trail of Pauper.

Shipping Info, by Pauper

Mission 7, May 19, 2009 - Researcher
A man researching blackrock is abducted. The spies head to the Pass of Karnaugh in Ilshenar to retrieve him.

Note, by Michael of Moonglow

Orders, by Pauper

Orders, by Pauper

Mission 8, May 26, 2009 - Undercover
The spies are asked to go undercover and infiltrate Pauper's organization. They find that Pauper is a compatriot of Andrew, servant of the Shadowlords.

Research Notes, by Gormac

Journal, by Nethle

Death List, by Magnus Grey

Mission 9, May 30, 2009 - A Threat Uncovered
The spies return to Ilshenar and infiltrate the Central Dungeon. There they discover that Pauper has raised an army. Their objective: Britain.

Mission/Training, by Magnus Grey

One, by Pauper

Two, by Pauper

Three, by Pauper

Four, by Pauper

Decrypted Messages, by Lady Martyna Z'muir

Mission 10, June 2, 2009 - The Three Armies
Three armies gather to lay siege on Britain at Pauper's command.

One, by Pauper

Two, by Pauper

Three, by Pauper

One, Two, Three - Decrypted, by Various

We Who Are Two, by Sisters of Pain

Red Coast, by Secutor the Cruel

Me, by Antaeus the Brute

Mission 11, June 9, 2009 - Cyclopean Subterfuge
Lord Casca orders the Royal Diplomatic Corps to relocate a tribe of cyclops and nearly starts a war with Tokuno.

Notes, by The Falcon

Executive Order, by Lord Casca

Royal Treaty, by ...

Journal,, by Ben

Journal, by Tartarus

Meb's Book, by Meb

Mission 12, June 16, 2009 - Motivations
The spies learn the motives behind the daemons joining the Shadowlord attacks on Yew, and why rogue Ophidians joined the attacks on Vesper. The spies also uncovered a dirty secret of Lord Casca...He has been funding the Terathans war against the Ophidians.

A Note, by Bartholomew

Conclave Notes, by Bartholomew

Ordersss, by SssSs

Thingss to do, by Ophidian Ambasssador

Ordersss, by SssSs

Journal, by SssSs

Information, by P.

Orders, by ...

1 - 4, by ...

1-4 Decrypted, by Ra'Dian Fl'Gith

Mission 13, June 23, 2009 - Isle of Death
The spies learn Pauper has been seen in Tokuno and track his minions to a small island. After a costly battle to gain access to the island, the spies learn that something crafted out of blackrock will be dropped into Mt. Sho...

Letter, by Rumpo

..., by Pauper

... Decrypted, by Ra'Dian Fl'Gith

Notebook, by Rumpo the Alchemist

Scrap of paper..., by Goro

Mission 14, June 30, 2009 - Mt. Sho
Pauper sends Kappa, Yomotsu, and Yama-uba to drop blackrock enhanced crystals into Mt. Sho on Isamu-Jima. The spies manage to thwart the plan and keep Tokuno safe. Upon returning to Britain, however, they learn that Magnus Grey has been arrested by Casca's lackey, Enforcer Morton...

Directions, by Klp the Kapa

Gourd-bound journal, by Klk the Kapa

Orders, by Yomotsu High Elder

The Deal, by Yomotsu High Elder

To eat, by Yama-uba

a note, by Malag-aste Hla-ate

List, by James

June 23rd Signin, by Magnus Grey

..., by Unknown

... Decrypted, by Malag-aste Hla-ate

..., by Magnus Grey

While archiving the books obtained from the three groups, Martyna notices that a sword was traded to Pauper by a Yomotsu Elder for a 'Royal Staff'. On a hunch, she travels to Blackthorn's keep and finds the sword in Casca's chambers. She begins to pen an expose...

Mission 15, July 7, 2009 - James
The spies agree to work for Tess Midnight, an old friend of Magnus, and continue the fight against Casca. She has learned that James, the spies' record keeper escaped the destruction of the Hearty Stew and is on the run. The spies must fine him before Enforcer Morton can have him killed.

City Cipher Summary, by James

..., by James
(decrypted by Ra'Dian Fl'Gith)

James, by Spy Albert

..., by James
(decrypted by Ra'Dian Fl'Gith)

Notebook #7, by Michael of Moonglow

Mission 16, July 14, 2009 - Moongate's Deceit
An announcement of the Bell of Courage's move to Blackthorn's Keep irritates the Kingdom. Tess wants the spies to investigate, but the Keep is once again cut off from Britain by a wall of moongates leading to Deceit. A previous expedition to the dungeon had revealed the existence of a secret chamber. The spies followed riddles to learn the word of entry. Within the chamber they discovered the Moongate Control Crystal, and evidence of Casca’s foul deeds. Gaining access to the Keep, the spies discovered that the Bell of Courage on Casca's balcony was a forgery...

Notes on Deceit, by Walter Drake

Notes..., by Walter Drake

Statues of Deceit, by Ra'Dian Fl'Gith

Mission 17, July 21, 2009 - Brigand Investigation & Interrogation
Cascan propaganda reveals a hidden plot to weaken Britannian cities by disrupting trade. The spies find a recently ambushed caravan and rescue its sole survivor. They learn that Pauper has ordered all trade caravans and guard patrols not displaying a blue flag to be attacked. The investigation leads to the Field of Echoes on Homare-Jima in Tokuno where Andrew searches for something the Shadowlords seek...

Our Deal, by Pauper

Directions, by Andrew

The Search, by Andrew

After defeating the Shadowlord manifestations, the spies return to Britain where they are to interrogate three spies suspected of betraying Magnus Grey to the Cascan Regime...

Files, by James

Mission 18, July 28, 2009 - Rescue
Tess sends the spies out to find the locale that Magnus is being held in. Though various contacts it is learned that Casca has used the black market to supply a network of illicit prisons. Found under the Dungeon of Wrong, the spies battle their way through powerful monsters before facing Enforcer Morton. After Morton's demise, Magnus is freed and resumes his duty as Spymaster.

Prison Numbers, by James

Notes, by Nightmare Shaper

Log - Prison 3, by Enforcer Morton

Farewell, by Tess Midnight

Mission 19, August 4, 2009 - Dawn's Light
Magnus orders the spies to locate and protect Lady Dawn after her home is the subject of arson. After locating the arsonist in the ruins of Montor in Ilshenar, he gives them information indicating Casca ordered the attack. Following this lead, the spies find letters between Sherry the Mouse and Dawn in Casca's bedchamber. Using the letters, Lady Dawn is located at the Shrine of Justice. She wants to find Sherry, and so the spies go to Terort Skitas in Ilshenar where they find Pauper's Agents. Sherry had previously escaped to a secret location known only to Dawn. A Hero of Britannia has returned...

Letter, by S.

Letter, by S.

Letter, by Dawn

Warrant, by Royal Enforcers

Sorry, by S.

Mission 20, August 11, 2009 - Freeing the True Shrieking Grotesque
During Lady Dawn's tenure as a statue at the Jollier Fairgrounds, a talkative statue gave assistance to those seeking to free her. This statue, the 'True Shrieking Grotesque,' was in fact an imprisoned human spirit. Wishing to free this innocent victim from her torment, Magnus charged the Spies with ensuring her release. A man named Kahler was instrumental in gathering the required components to counter the spirit's curse.

Supplies, by Kahler

Mission 21, August 18, 2009 - An Explosive Situation
Casca's Enforcer Xavier has five blackrock bombs placed at key locations around Britannia. Poised to destroy the High Council's Civic Center, Empath Abbey, Serpent's Hold, the Lycaeum, and Trinsic - these weapons posed a serious threat to the wellbeing of the Kingdom. The Spies are ordered to locate the bomb's remote detonation stations as see to their destruction. Five Elite Enforcers fall to the Spies combined might while the bomb's triggers are disarmed by an industrious Lady Silverbrook.

Orders, by Enforcer Xavier

Orders, by Enforcer Xavier

Mission 22, August 25, 2009 - Heavy Weapons
The threat of blackrock bombs in the hands of a tyrant is too much to ignore. Magnus orders the bomb making facility located and destroyed before it can threaten the realm again. Tracing shipments back to their source, the underground facility is located swiftly. An unbalanced demolition expert named John Cullen is brought in to destroy the facility.

Delivery, by Casca

Delivery, by Lord Casca

Delivery, by Lord Casca

Delivery, by Lord Casca

Delivery, by Lord Casca

Delivery, by Lord Casca

Message to Send, by Operation Manager

Mission 23, September 1, 2009 - Confessions of of a Despot
The hunt is on for Casca's secret hideout, as the spies choose to move openly against the pawn of evil. When the location is discovered, Casca is gone. However, the spies learn that he has been torturing wisps for glimpses of the future - multiple futures in fact. A book detailing Casca's illicit activities is found, revealing the true face of the King Pro-tempore.

Notes, by Lord Casca

Translation, by Wisp

Translation, by Wisp

Translation, by Wisp

Translation, by Wisp

Mission 24, September 11, 2009 - A Tyrant Falls
With the Shadowlords defeated, Magnus orders the spies to aid Lady Dawn in destroying the Ruby Gem which would have enslaved our world. A blackrock mallet and chisel set which can destroy the ruby has been stolen by the remaining Enforcers. Tracking them to the last of Casca's secret prisons results in the long-awaited demise of these minions of evil. Not only do the spies retrieve the mallet and chisel, they find and free Tomas Savos - the disgraced Captain of the Royal Guard.

Orders, by Enforcer Xavier

Orders, by Enforcer Xavier

Lady Dawn chooses to destroy the gem in Blackthorn's Keep, a symbol of ending the traitor’s reign. As she readied to strike the gem, Casca appeared to beg for his life - for he was somehow bound to it. Without hesitation, the future Queen shattered the gem. Lord Casca fell dead and the people rejoiced.

Mission 25, September 15, 2009 - What of Justice?
Magnus told the spies that the Royal Prosecutor had been captured, and was the first to stand trial for his actions during the Cascan Regime. He stood accused of treason, murder, and obstruction of justice for a case he tried against NAME HERE. Lord Grey (NOT Magnus Grey) acted as defense counsel; Martyna Z'muir, Galen, and Malag-aste acted as prosecution; and Ra'Dian Fl'Gith fulfilled the role of judge.

Miller was formally charged with murder and obstruction of justice. After a lengthy trial, he was found guilty on both counts. He was sentenced to two years in the Yew Prison, and a course in Justice at the Lycaeum.

Case: Royal Prosecutor, by James

Court Protocols, by Court Clerk

Thomas Miller Trial Transcript

With the death of Casca, his Regime officially ended. While some groups may still hold to his twisted vision, their stranglehold on Britannian civilization is swiftly waning. May these dark days pass into memory, and the wounds caused mend. However, we cannot allow ourselves to forget the lessons learned - we must remain eternally vigilant.

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