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Title: Millshire

Author: John Lincoln

Lord Grey,

I have included the information you requested. I am certainly curious why you are asking about a hundred-year-old mystery. Small towns spring up and die all the time. What is special about this one? Since you also mentioned the events surrounding Relvinian, I do have records of earthquakes on the mainland from the Hedge Maze to the Serpent Spine Mountains. It is certainly possible that affected this small hamlet. I’m including all the information I found. Let me know if you need anything else.


John Lincoln
Royal Academy
December 13, 446

Official Records on Millshire:

Millshire Document of Founding and Charter
Date: July the Fifth, Year 290
Purpose: Lumber Trade

All the inhabitants dwelling within the territorial limits of the Hamlet of Millshire, as heretofore constituted, shall continue to be a body politic and corporate under the name of Hamlet of Millshire, and as such shall have perpetual succession and may hold and exercise all powers and privileges heretofore exercised by said Hamlet and not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter, the additional powers and privileges herein conferred and all powers and privileges conferred upon towns under the general law of Britannia.

Buildings of the town include a central meeting hall and a healer’s shack. Citizens of said Hamlet will pay a tax for the care of both buildings as they are necessary to the health and stability to said Hamlet. Town meetings will be held each month, on the first Monday night of every. Emergencies may dictate additional meetings. Citizen of said Hamlet should attend all meetings as they are necessary to the safety and organization of the town, though no penalty will be given for nonattendance.

Report to the Royal Surveyor by Clark of Skara Brae
August the Tenth, Year 305

I finished my tour of the area we discussed. I make the following modifications to Lord British’s maps: Included are the updated maps of Yew’s boundaries.

The hamlet of Millshire is no longer to be included on maps or town registries. Sadly, I only found debris at the location where the town was. I noticed some underground ruins poking up through the earth near where the center of town should be, possibly uncovered by the earthquakes a year or two back. The few skeletons I found seemed to be death by natural causes or possibly bad well water. Found this strange statement along with some healer’s supplies in a locked chest:

“Forced them underground with fire and sealed us all in. Can’t let it get out. “

Sorry I can’t tell you more. End report.


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