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Title: Date Locations

Author: A Cotton Candy Cupid

Date Locations -

- A trip to a museum, a favorite of a queen (Ter Mur)

-A picnic at a waterfall with a Just Shrine (Trammel)

-Wandering through an Open Air Marketplace with a Paladin (Felucca)

-Watching the interesting critters at an Island Zoo with a donated Unicorn (Trammel)

- Dinner outside with your favorite necromancer (Malas)

- Playing boardgames like Chess on a sandy island (Trammel)

- Going out to the pond and playing games with Arielle the pixi (Ilshenar)

-Looking at the stars with a Giant Telescope together (Felucca).

- A Trip to a Cultural Center with your favorite samurai (Tokuno)

- Dinner with secret love, hidden and Deceit-ful (Trammel)

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