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Rum Runners

August 13, 2010 (Felucca)

Participants were gated to the hidden arena in Felucca where they met two opposing ship captains. Sadie Rumswiller who was the leader of the Green Crew, and known-pirate Captain Maggie Keel who was the leader of the Orange Crew. The goal of the evening was to recover rum hidden on Horseshoe Island and smuggle it to the memorial of Kazola's Tavern in Yew.

The fight for the rum was fierce, with people taking the hard-earned rum right from the fingers of their fellow smugglers. However, eventually the bloodlust got the better of many of the smugglers and allowed a dedicated few to gather the vast majority of kegs. Ben the Barkeep collected the kegs and kept the crews's tallies at Kazola's.

In the end, the Green Crew returned 15 kegs of rum - all 10 of their kegs, plus 5 of the Orange Crew's.

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