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The Morrigan

Occupation: Goddess of War and Death from some other world

Race: Goddess; but physically resembled a large bird or harpy

Gender: Female

Location: Presumably in "The Green Isle," the strange other world she emerged from

Alignment: Evil (more or less)

Status: Living, so far as is known

The Morrigan is a strange, bird-like goddess of death from another world, the details of which are largely unknown. She came to the attention of Britannia through an odd chain of events wherein the would-be hero and would-be Royal Knight of Britannia known as Hercules both slew a pet bull of hers, and tricked another would-be hero, known as Cuchulainn, seemingly to avoid the potential for a duel between them. The Morrigan blamed the Britannian Royal Guard for the death of her bull, and wished death upon all of them.

She was, however, unable to carry out her own wishes. She departed, with Cuchulainn (who had impressed her and left with the vile being willingly for some reason), still feebly wishing death upon the Guard, for sins which they had not committed.

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