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Martoo Saul

Occupation: Member, Followers of Armageddon

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Location: The location of her corpse is unknown.

Alignment: Evil

Status: Dead


Martoo Saul was one of the original members of the Zog Cabal/Followers of Armageddon. She was in the inner circle of this evil group, along with Zendella Kxriss and Junan Pince. First hand accounts of the battle against him indicate that he was a difficult foe and was nearly immune to magic. Some say his end was ultimately brought about by the use of explosion potions

He is long dead, but his vile legacy is with us in several ways. First of all, some statues of him were made at some point; they are considered rare and valuable by collectors of and dealers in antiques. Secondly, there is a monument to him, along with other members of the Followers' inner circle, on level 3 of the Wisp Dungeon.

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