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Title: Captain's Log

Author: Johne

A short period after that...
I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! HA! My trusted and longtime friend Kirkpatrick went yellow bellied like the rest! These men don't know what hardship is! I once survived an entire fortnight with nothing but palm fronds and a sack of rotten potatoes until I was rescued from a deserted island! We've been here a couple of days at most! Couple of days! And Kirkpatrick can't be bothered to keep these men in line. Fat lot of good he has done this crew!!

Hours later...
All better now. Nothing but me and my own. Twinkling and shining all are quiet now. Just us. Forever. Just us. They won't get to you, that I can assure you.

The last entry in the series....
Time...time has come time has gone. It will come and go again. Nothing to worry now, they're all gone. Ha ha! Just us, forever. Forever more.

*The rest of the journal is filled with indiscernible gibberish...*

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