The Awakening, Act I: Civil Unrest

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The Awakening, Act I

Civil Unrest

Axel's Diary, by Axel Bitworth (Found in Britain)

A Blacksmith's Journal, by Ren of Jhelom (Found in Jhelom)

Business As Usual, by Richard Gilchrist (Found in Minoc)

*Stack of Letters*, by Holly Erickson (Found in Minoc)

Travis' Journey, by Travis Eorluth (Found in New Magincia)

Jedidiah's Book, by Jedidiah Ernst (Found in Skara Brae)

Baker's Journal, by Antony Bath (Found in Trinsic)

Scorned and Betrayed, by Regina Storm (Found in Vesper)

Yorik's Log, by Yorik Elther (Found in Yew)

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