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Seeking a Cure

Posted by Gustav Vinterssen 10/10/03

Poisons can be tricky business, and a given cure may not always have the same effect with each exposure to the tincture. For example, the Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard was poisoned during a recent battle with the forces of Minax, the Dark Mistress. Clainin, court mage, was enlisted to find a cure.

Clainin’s research indicated that a mixture of a short list of reagents along with some common household salves should have enacted a cure, but this was not the case. Through extended research, he postulated that a subspecies of his reagents should be more effective.

Clainin entreated a company of Royal Britannian Guards to escort him into the depths of a certain dungeon, wherein they might find the necessary ingredients. Upon using the Gate Travel spell to enter into said dungeon, the Royal Guard proceeded to make short work of the surrounding monstrosities. They successfully cleared a path to both the eastern and western mage towers therein, and with help from Clainin, all were able to make good their escape in the end.

Clainin currently is preparing the ingredients as is appropriate for the poison at hand in a private laboratory. He recently stated that this is merely the first phase in his work to complete his curative.

The results of Clainin’s research will be posted at the Britannia News Network once it has been completed.

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